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More solar faster, predicts New England grid operator

To help plan for future needs, grid operator ISO New England, Inc. is developing an updated forecast of solar photovoltaic project development in New England. In 2014, ISO New England developed its first multistate forecast of PV capacity growth. It based its 2014 PV forecast heavily on development goals articulated as policies in the six New England states.

ISO New England is now updating that forecast for 2015. Its draft 2015 Solar PV Forecast, released on February 27, notes that PV development is happening more rapidly than was previously projected. Using updated historical data, it acknowledges that through 2014, 40% more solar capacity was developed in the region than it previously estimated. As a result of this faster-than-expected growth, the draft now predicts a higher level of cumulative photovoltaic project development through 2023.
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