Innotap Announces New ERCOT Realtime Service RSS Feed

DRESHER, PA — April 1, 2011 — Innotap today announced the availability of its new ERCOT Realtime service. This service is part of an ever expanding portfolio of software services to facilitate better faster decision making by its customers.

The ERCOT Realtime service provides power traders with an easy way to access and leverage all of the operational data they use to make decisions about trading in the ERCOT nodal market.

Ron Swartz, President of Innotap, said, “Our customers really appreciate the speed and efficiency of our services. Users are telling us they now have a much clearer picture of the ERCOT market, updating in realtime, which is helping them make the best deals possible.”

Innotap invites energy traders and analysts to request a demo and trial subscription so they can experience firsthand the power of its software services. Please visit