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DRESHER, PA — July 1, 2010 — Innotap is pleased to announce today its support as a Sponsor of the 2010 MISO IPP-PM Sector Annual Meeting, being held at the Hilton Arlington in Texas from August 25 – August 26, 2010.

At this meeting, MISO market participants who are interested will get a chance to find out more about Innotap’s realtime decision support services.

Ron Swartz, President of Innotap, states, “We continue to raise the bar. We’re dedicated to arming energy traders and analysts with timely information that will help them make better decisions faster.”

Users who experience Innotap® services firsthand all report the value of gaining realtime insight on instantaneous price trends in the spot market for MISO and other RTOs/ISOs. Innotap customers leverage the fastest updates possible to diverse market data, displayed in configurable views that can be consolidated onto one screen with customizable alerts.

Swartz adds, “Our current Fortune 200 customers and smaller trading organizations alike have fully integrated our services into their trading decision processes. We’re confident that any MISO market participant who has a realtime trading desk will be very interested in what we have to offer. We always look forward to serving our customers’ realtime decision making needs.”