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DRESHER, PA – January 20, 2010 – Innotap today announced the availability of enhanced realtime decision support software services for PJM and MISO traders, which includes a new backend architecture for its realtime data services as well as several other customer-suggested features and improvements. This is just one of several planned milestones that Innotap has taken to expand its portfolio of software services in order to facilitate better faster decision making by its customers.

One of the most significant changes in this latest offering is Innotap’s updated InstaTrend® MISO service which now provides customers with the fastest updates to ex-ante, ex-post and other MISO data with predefined alerts to movements in this market. “I’m excited that our customers have a very easy way to visualize and be alerted in realtime to changes in MISO data that helps them achieve their intraday trading strategies,” said Ron Swartz, president of Innotap.

“Prior to Innotap, we would have to click back and forth between dropdown values to get updates; and you never quite knew when the data would change next. With InstaTrend MISO, traders are now alerted the instant that ex-ante has changed. This tool pays for itself every day,” said Randy Kiser, president of Victory Financial Holdings.

Joe MacCrory, president of Altair Energy Trading said, “We’ve worked with Innotap for many years, and their new MISO products offer Bal-Day traders in this market with tools that just don’t exist anywhere else. Anyone who doesn’t have this service is at a big disadvantage.”

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, Innotap found that over 90% of the participants were extremely satisfied with its software services and 100% thought the software was very or extremely easy to use. Customers reported that what they liked best was Innotap® software’s speed, organization of data, best-in-class presentation, unique and superlative alarming, ability to save desktop layouts, consolidation of information, and ease of use.

This results in traders being able to focus on their analysis versus constantly watching the data. Innotap consolidates and streamlines exploitation of vast amounts of data and information in a fast-moving, dynamic trading environment. “Our focus is on the fastest possible delivery in realtime with as much clarity as possible in a way that maximizes the efficiency of our users to make better trades,” said Swartz.

“In order to support our growing and diverse customer base in achieving this goal, I knew we needed to upgrade our backend architecture in such a way so it would be infinitely scalable with complete redundancy,” said Moon Chung, vice president and chief developer of Innotap.

Kent Close, systems engineering consultant to Innotap added, “Based on my review of the design and hands on evaluation of this new architecture, I am confident in its ability to provide a very robust, realtime enterprise data and information delivery and analysis platform with increased performance to our users.”

Looking forward, Innotap plans to continue developing additional capabilities that will further reinforce its position as the leading realtime decision support Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for energy traders. One new service currently in test is Innotap’s MISO Realtime Dashboard. This service for the MISO market will have comparable features to Innotap’s PJM Realtime Dashboard.

Innotap invites energy traders and analysts to request a demo and trial subscription so they can experience firsthand the power of its software services. Please visit

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