Testimonial #56

We use that analytics package. Their data coverage is great… but their engineering sucks. You guys seem to be much better at that.

Testimonial #55

Great stuff….loaded it up tonight, love it!!  I played with PowerFeed for Excel and see the dynamic uses for it in my models.

Testimonial #10

Innotap’s knowledge of the power market and ability to innovate is key. They know what I want and it’s reflected in their software.

Testimonial #9

Innotap’s speed is definitely the fastest out there. If you don’t have fast info in this market, you’re thrown to the wolves.

Testimonial #8

We’ve worked with Innotap for many years, and their new MISO products offer Bal-Day traders in this market with tools that just don’t exist anywhere else. Anyone who doesn’t have this service is at a big disadvantage.

Testimonial #7

Prior to Innotap, we would have to click back and forth between dropdown values to get updates; and you never quite knew when the data would change next. With InstaTrend MISO, traders are now alerted the instant that ex-ante has changed. This tool pays for itself every day.

Testimonial #6

Ron and Moon are more than software developers, they are true partners with us. They’re always looking to improve our competitive advantage and are very receptive to our suggestions. We really look forward to growing our business along side theirs!

Testimonial #5

Innotap is a visionary company with advanced software and tools that are helping us to be ahead of the market.

Testimonial #3

At Power Team, Ron changed my life, both challenging and embracing my core assumptions from 15 years of energy trading. Through our ’meeting of the minds’, we were able to envision and deliver VizTrade, one of the most innovative power trading and scheduling systems ever created.