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Louisiana regulators to investigate MISO energy warning from last week

A bitter cold snap in Louisiana called for emergency measures among farmers looking to save delicate crops as temperatures fell into the teens. But despite the winter temperatures, a warning from the regional grid operator has state regulators asking for additional information.

PSC chief Skrmetta told The Advocate “there’s no reason in the state of Louisiana for electricity to become short.”

MISO’s South region saw peak demand of 32.1 GW on Wednesday, close to available capacity and just 500 MW below the region’s summer peak. That led to the warning for Thursday morning, which also helped drop peak demand to just below 31 GW.

MISO said its Thursday morning system-wide peak was 101.8 GW. Later in the afternoon, it issued a statement saying it had returned to normal operation as as “conditions across the region continue to improve. The MISO grid remains stable and secure.”

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