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LADWP selects Doosan GridTech, KTY Engineering for 20MW energy storage system

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) announced Wednesday that it has selected Doosan GridTech and its partner, KTY Engineering, to provide LADWP’s first battery energy storage system (BESS) with a capacity of 20MW at its Beacon Solar Plant in Kern County, California.

The Beacon Solar Plant was selected as the site of the BESS due to its heavy concentration of PV arrays. Doosan’s turney design includes thirteen transformer/PCS/lithium-ion battery strings, redundant auxiliary power systems, and 100% redundant HVAC systems.

The design also allows for preventative maintenance — which is a necessary requirement when dealing with the harsh Mojave Desert environment.

Doosan’s partner, KTY Engineering, will provide project management, construction management, on-site QA/QC, commissioning management, and engineering support services.

When the project was announced in August, LADWP said the batteries will allow better utilisation of 600MW of solar PV installed in the area, as well as some 135MW of wind generation. At the time LADWP said Beacon Energy Storage System would cost around US$19.2 million, adding flexible reserve and system balancing to the local grid and mitigating for the variable nature of renewable energy generation output from its “strategic location”.

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