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Several power units deactivated lately in the PJM Interconnection region

Prominent among the recent deactivations in the PJM Interconnection region is the 76 MW Riverside Unit 4 in Maryland of Exelon.

PJM’s list of deactivated facilities, updated to June 2, shows these recent deactivations:

•BL England Diesels (IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4), 8 MW, Atlantic Electric zone, 51 years old, deactivated May 31, “No reliability impacts – with request to transfer CIRs to Y1-001. On 01/15/2015 PJM received an updated deactivation notice from BL England stating diesel units deactivation date moved out till May 31, 2016. Still will re-use diesel CIRs for Y1-001. Unit deactivated on 5/31/2016.”

•Riverside Unit 4, 76 MW, Baltimore Gas and Electric zone, 62 years old, deactivated June 1, “Reliability analysis complete. No issues identified. On 4/17/2014 Riverside submitted an updated deactivation notice with a new deactivation date of 6/1/2015. New reliability analysis complete. No issues identified. Gen owner will keep unit operating until 6/1/2016. Unit deactivated on 6/1/2016.”

•Warren County Landfill Generator, 1.5 MW, Jersey Central Power and Light zone, 10 years old, deactivated June 1, “Reliability analysis complete. No impacts identified. Unit deactivated on 6/1/2016.”

The BL England plant in New Jersey is controlled by RC Cape May Holdings, which is currently trying to repower this plant, which in the past was mostly powered by now-shut coal units, to firing natural gas.

The mentioned Capacity Interconnection Rights for project queue #Y1-001 refer to the gas-fired repowering project.

Constellation Power Source Generation on Jan. 19 filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission related to the upcoming retirement of CPSG’s Perryman Unit CT 2, scheduled for Feb. 1, 2016, and in anticipation of the subsequent retirement of Riverside Unit 4, which scheduled for June 1, 2016. CPSG is a unit of Exelon. The PJM list shows that the 51 MW Perryman 2 was deactivated on Feb. 1.

Said the Exelon website: “Riverside Generating Station is owned and operated by Exelon Power. Riverside is a three unit, 113 MW fossil power plant located on Sollers Point on the Patapsco River in Dundalk, Maryland. Two of the units at Riverside are fueled by oil, one of the units is fueled by natural gas and one unit can be fueled by either natural gas or fuel oil, depending on market conditions. They are used as needed for peak demand periods.”

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