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Arizona regulators approve APS residential energy storage pilot

In October, the ACC ordered a cost-benefit analysis of rooftop solar in the state after almost a year of bitter debate between utility representatives and solar advocates over proposed grid access fees for distributed solar systems. Now, Arizona Public Service has been approved to develop a develop a pilot progam aimed at evaluating the costs and benefits of residential energy storage as well.

APS must submit reports to the ACC by October 2016 that states the cost and benefits of residential level energy storage, with the study assessing a 75 home-rate lab to gauge the impacts of behind-the-meter technologies to address customer demand and shift load while meeting system requirements.

Interim Chairman Doug Little, who took over after former chairwoman Susan Bitter Smith resigned, applauded the pilot.

“Energy storage technology is really the ‘secret sauce’ for the future of residential rooftop solar,” Little said in a statement. “Emerging storage technologies will allow rooftop solar customers to time shift energy produced during non-peak hours for use during peak times, helping them save money on their electric bills.”

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