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Midcontinent ISO proposes 2-season capacity auctions

A two-day stakeholder meeting held last week could result in two significant changes to the MISO grid that helps to bolster reliability and allow for merchant generators in Illinois’ choice market. In addition to proposing a two-season capacity auction system, RTO Insider reports the meeting produced a Supply Adequacy Working Group Task Force that would focus on the merchant generators.

According to a draft proposal from MISO, resource adequacy requirements “are summer-focused, which do not explicitly ensure the MISO region is resource adequate throughout the Planning Year and do not provide sufficient flexibility to allow the efficient use of resources to meet seasonal demand and risk profiles.”

After last year’s winter, MISO staff, along with stakeholders, began to evaluate the impact of season-specific issues on resource adequacy. That effort resulted in the new auction proposal, which would include a four-month summer season running June to September, and an eight-month winter season.

The proposal maintains MISO’s current planning year, which runs from June-May.

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