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Green Mountain Power Files First in the Country Innovative Plan to Offer Vermonters the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

COLCHESTER, VT–(Marketwired – December 03, 2015) – Green Mountain Power is pleased to announce it is the first utility in the country to offer home battery offerings for customers. Under this innovative filing, Vermonters have the option to purchase the Tesla Powerwall battery outright or lease with no upfront cost. The cutting edge battery technology will empower customers to become more energy independent while also allowing the company to reduce peak demand on the system, providing cost savings to all customers. GMP is the first utility in the country to partner with Tesla to offer the Powerwall.

“This is a game changer that will help fully leverage solar to the benefit of all with cost savings, while empowering Vermonters to generate, store and use energy closer to the home,” said GMP President and CEO Mary Powell. “As Vermont’s energy company of the future, GMP is partnering with customers on an energy transformation that moves away from the 100-year-old grid system, to a new one that is more reliable, sustainable and cost-effective.”

The Tesla home battery can be paired with small-scale solar such as rooftop panels to store locally generated energy, or it can be used without solar as a battery to store power from the grid. During a storm or emergency, the battery is able to power essential parts of the home like lights, a refrigerator, and furnace. GMP will partner with customers to utilize the batteries during peak energy times to directly lower costs for customers by reducing transmission and capacity costs.

“GMP has made it so easy for Vermonters to access this cutting edge technology,” said Abby Brodowski, who lives in Rutland and recently had her home transformed into an eHome working with GMP to make it more efficient and comfortable. The Brodowskis added weatherization, LED lights, solar panels, a heat pump and a heat pump water heater. “We are really looking forward to getting our Powerwall installed because it will help with reliability and also because it is exciting to be part of leading the way in the country on energy innovation in the home.”

GMP outlined to the Vermont Public Service Board its plan to offer three options to customers who want the Powerwall. Customers who share access of the battery will pay about $37.50 a month with no upfront cost, which equals $1.25 a day. Customers can also choose to purchase the Powerwall for about $6500, share access with GMP, and get a monthly bill credit of $31.76, which represents the value of leveraging the battery to help lower peak energy costs. And Vermonters can buy the Powerwall outright from GMP with no shared access for about $6500.

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