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PJM says it’s ready to meet winter power demands

The company that coordinates electricity on the grid that includes South Jersey says there will be sufficient power to meet demand this winter.

PJM Interconnection on Thursday said it is testing equipment, ensuring fuel supplies and coordinating with the natural-gas industry for smooth operations ahead of the winter.

PJM, based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, manages the power grid for 13 states and the District of Columbia. It expects to have 177,628 megawatts of electric capacity to meet the forecast demand once temperatures drop.

To prepare for the winter season, PJM said it studied the impact of high-load levels and generator outages, the transmission system of natural gas availability issues and that it tested generators that had not been running before early November.

“To look at how we can help generating plants to be prepared to run in any type of weather is the ultimate goal,” PJM spokeswoman Paula DuPont-Kidd said.

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