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IID files second lawsuit against CAISO

The Imperial Irrigation District filed a lawsuit against the California Independent System Operator on Friday after IID’s efforts to obtain public records from CAISO have not been met.

The lawsuit has been filed under the Imperial County Supreme Court.

This is the second lawsuit IID has filed against CAISO, after filing an antitrust lawsuit against the CAISO back in July alleging a deliberate and systematic marginalization when it comes to import capability values, or deliverability of energy through CAISO’s grid.

The lawsuit in July was filed to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California.

IID sued CAISO because it feels they are not allowing IID and the renewable energy industry to grow to its full potential.

This time the issue pertains to CAISO’s inability to provide the information that they are supposed to keep on record under California Public Records Law.

IID Governmental Affairs Officer Antonio Ortega said that IID’s attorneys made 10 different requests for specific information from July 2 to Aug. 4, but instead of getting the information they requested all they got was PDFs from CAISO’s website that were not pertinent to the information IID had requested.

“We are requesting them to produce the requested communication, from emails, written invites for meetings that Involve IID and its Maximum Import Capacity of renewable energy,” Ortega said. “We gave them an opportunity to bundle all that information together instead of handling all requests separately and we still have seen no cooperation from them.”

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