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ERCOT: Time to build more transmission in Texas Panhandle

EDF Renewable Energy told state regulators that “it is now time to add the second circuit” that was envisioned as part of the CREZ region’s growth. EDF, which owns several wind farms in the region, said the upgrade “will enable the cost-effective transfer of 3,904 MW” and is “critical to help achieve the approved Panhandle transfer capability of 5,584 MW.”

In 2008, the Public Utility Commission of Texas assigned almost $5 billion in CREZ transmission projects to be constructed by seven utilities, with a goal to ultimately move 18,456 MW of wind power from West Texas and the Panhandle to highly populated metropolitan areas of the state.

But the state’s wind growth is outpacing transmission upgrades, and EDF says more capacity is needed to keep line curtailments under 2%.

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