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Dominion notifies local landowners, continues to study powerline options

Landowners affected by the proposed Remington-Pratts-Gordonsville transmission project are receiving new letters from Dominion Virginia Power.

The letters reaffirm that Dominion isn’t ready to file the project with the SCC, something the company had originally said was likely to happen by June 30.

“When the Remington-Pratts-Gordonsville transmission project was first announced, we anticipated that we would be prepared to file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) by June 30,” the letter, written by Domion Electric Transmission Communications Manager Greg Mathe states. “However, we are not ready to file our application as we are continuing to study our options to best resolve the identified electrical issues in the area. We have not set a revised timeline for filing the project.”

The Remington-Pratts-Gordonsville transmission project has been a hot topic among local citizens and government officials since it was publically unveiled in March.

The approximately $150 million project represents Dominion Virginia Power and FirstEnergy’s answer to problems identified by regional transmission organization PJM Interconnection involving reliability, a possible overload in the summer of 2018 and a lack of redundancy at the Pratts substation. It includes upgrading approximately 15-25 miles of an existing 115 kilovolt (kV) line running from Remington to Gordonsville to 230kV with many of the current H-frame structures switched out for taller, single pole structures with the lower voltage line stacked on one end and the higher voltage line stacked on the other.

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