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DTE Energy Nuclear Unit License Expands Midwest Power Generation Options

Supported by the experts from Black & Veatch’s nuclear power team, DTE Energy has received approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to construct and operate a new nuclear unit. Approval of the carbon-free power unit increases DTE’s fleet diversity options as new regulatory measures transform the U.S. electricity market. Black & Veatch assisted DTE throughout its license approval process.

The NRC approval grants DTE the capability to potentially build a new nuclear unit (Fermi Unit 3) at the existing Fermi Unit 2 nuclear power plant site. It is just the fifth new U.S. reactor to complete NRC’s combined license (COL) process. DTE has not committed to building the new plant, but will keep the option open for long-term planning purposes. The existing Fermi 2 plant is a 1,170 megawatt facility serving DTE customers since 1988. Fermi 2 is capable of producing enough electricity to serve a city of about one million people. It is near Newport, Michigan.

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