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NextEra Energy: Solar Ambitions Are A Major Boon For The Company

NextEra Energy operates a sizable distributed solar generation segment, although the vast majority of the company’s profits still come from other forms of energy generation. Regardless, the company’s distributed solar segment will likely play a much larger role in its overall business operations moving forward. As one of the most environmentally friendly utilities in the world, it is no wonder that the company has been so forward-thinking in regards to distributed solar. With approximately 600 MW in operating solar generation and counting, NextEra Energy is cementing a foothold in the immensely promising distributed solar industry.

As such, NextEra Energy should see much more upside than its utility peers, largely due to its involvement in such a promising industry. With the rapid rise of distributed solar, NextEra Energy is positioning itself to be an energy leader for the long term. Given the consistent cost declines seen in distributed solar, the company is smart to increase its distributed solar infrastructure investments. It is becoming increasingly obvious how big of a role distributed solar will play in the long run. Such an emphasis on distributed solar will surely give NextEra Energy an advantage moving forward.

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