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Top 5 disruptions that utility execs are probably worrying about right now

DistribuTECH 2019 showcases all the latest innovations and disruptions taking place in the electric utility industry.

If you are one of the almost halfmillion people who work in the utility industry, no doubt you know that the industry is changing, and fast.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 1-2019. You can read the full article via our digital magazine today.

Lucky for you, DistribuTECH offers you an in-depth look at every single aspect of the utility business and how all of those changes will affect you and the work that you do every day.

Here’s a look at the top industry trends that you might want to learn something about as you attend the event.

Customers: More and more utilities are working to meet the needs of their customers. This includes responding to requests to offer more access to clean energy, engaging with customers to deliver better services and helping customers integrate a wide array of technologies and gadgets that make energy more, well, fun.

Don’t miss the following in the Customer strategies & technologies track: • Monday, February 4 @ 9:00 AM – The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative’s 2019 Consumer Symposium: exploring the evolving world of energy

• Wednesday, February 6 @ 1:30 PM – Understanding your small and medium-sized business customers • Thursday, February 7 @ 8:45 AM – Giving customers what they want: a look at innovative utility offerings in community solar, demand response, storage and more

Cybersecurity: The world is digitalising everything. From running our power plants to running our distribution systems to running our homes, we are turning to digitalisation as a means to make our businesses and lives more efficient and easier to manage.

But those tiny sensors and big connected software systems come with one enormous caveat – what happens when they get hacked? A cyberattack on the utility grid could have very big implications for the electricity industry and utility executives remain vigilant in their attempts to thwart them.

Don’t miss the following in the Defending the grid track:

• Monday, February 4 @ 7:00 AM – Best practices in utility cybersecurity: presented by Protect Our Power

• Tuesday, February 5 @ 1:00 PM – Incident Response: lessons from the trenches

• Wednesday, February 6 @ 2 PM in one of our four new Knowledge Hubs (Booth 11456) – Cyber, systems, software, switching and scares

Reliability: Delivering reliable, affordable electricity service has always been a top priority for utilities but with more devasting disasters like wildfires, blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes, utilities are finding it increasingly difficult to keep the lights on after a significant weather event….

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