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ERCOT Urges Conservation As Temps Soar

Mon, Jul 30, 2018
With sweltering heat driving temperatures above the century mark in recent days, the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) requested that electricity consumers make an effort to reduce energy demand during peak hours.

Energy conservation helps improve grid reliability and prevents interruption of service.

With peak demand during hot summer days at 3 to 7 p.m., consumers can help by setting thermostats two to three degrees higher, preferably to 78 degrees or higher, during those hours.

Programmable thermostats can also be set to higher tem-peratures when no one is home. Last week as temperatures rose well above 100 degrees, local consumers were asked to set thermostats to 85 degrees when no one was home.

Fans can be used to help keep cool inside and make it feel four to six degrees cooler in the home. Closing blinds and drapes that are in direct sunlight will also help.

Any non-essential lights and appliances should be turned off and unplugged when there is a conservation alert on very hot days.

During peak hours, attempt to avoid using large appliances like ovens and washing machines. If a conservation appeal is issued, abide by the hours specified in the alert.

Microwave ovens can be used for cooking instead of electric ranges or ovens to conserve electricity.

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