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NYISO to solicit reliability solution from LIPA due to gas unit closures

New York’s power grid operator said Monday it will solicit a reliability solution from the Long Island Power Authority associated with two natural gas units scheduled to be closed in November.

In accordance with its tariff, the New York Independent System Operator notified stakeholders that a generation deactivation assessment identified two reliability needs associated with J-Power Generation’s planned retirement of the Pilgrim GT1 and Pilgrim GT2 turbines located in Long Island.

J-Power notified NYISO in March that it plans to retire the two 50-MW capacity gas turbines on November 1.

As a result, NYISO said it will solicit a regulated, non-generation generator deactivation solution “solely from a Responsible Transmission Owner” because the reliability issue needs to be addressed in the short term and is not part of the bulk power transmission system, but part of the local system owned by the Long Island Power Authority.

LIPA is the responsible transmission owner because the reliability needs arise on two of the 69 kV circuits located within its transmission district. NYISO said in the notice to its stakeholders that its assessment considered operational procedures that could alleviate the reliability issue, but none were identified….

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