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Tesla deploys Powerpacks and Powerwalls to build an ‘intelligent grid’ in Nova Scotia

Tesla’s energy division seems to be growing at an impressive pace with several new projects recently deployed.

We now learn of a new project in Nova Scotia where Tesla is installing both Powerpacks and Powerwalls to create an ‘intelligent grid’.

In a similar albeit smaller initiative as Tesla’s virtual power plant project in Australia, the company is partnering with Nova Scotia Power, the local electric utility, to create what they are calling ‘the Intelligent Feeder Project’.

It consists of installing a grid-size battery system using Tesla’s Powerpacks at the Elmsdale substation and combining the centralized energy storage system with 10 residential batteries using Tesla’s Powerwalls at homes in the community of Elmsdale, which is partially powered by the wind turbine located in Hardwood Lands.

Jill Searle, Project Manager for Nova Scotia Power, commented on the project:

“Technology such as battery storage is making traditional utility systems smarter. This project is one of the first of its kind that we know about, and we’re excited to be leading the charge. It has great potential to positively impact the reliability of our system and help us provide power to customers when they need it most.”

The company says that they have already deployed the 10 Powerwalls last fall through Tesla’s Canadian distributor, MPower.

Mark Candow and his family received one of those Powerwalls. They say that they are environmentally conscious and they are glad that the Tesla Powerwall will enable them to use more renewable energy when the wind is not blowing.

He commented:

“With two young boys, we naturally care about sustainability and using our energy smarter,”

Now the electric utility are combining Tesla’s residential battery packs with the utility-scale Powerpack system at the Elmsdale substation:

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