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Future of Davis-Besse nuclear power plant still hangs in balance

The future of the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant still hangs in the balance. One local commissioner recently spoke to the State Senate on the importance of the plant to Ottawa County.

Ottawa County Commissioner Mark Stahl gave testimony before the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee last week. As State Senate Bill 128 continues to be debated, Commissioner Stahl wanted to emphasize the importance OF the Davis Besse plant for not only the county, but the entire region.

“Approximately 200 people are employed from northern Wood County and Lucas County at Davis-Besse. So, looking at it as just Ottawa County is not true, it is truly a regional employer and a regional economic engine,” said Commissioner Stahl.

The Senate Bill would create a Zero-Emissions Nuclear Resource program that would in essence subsidize the cost of creating clean energy to the consumer by adding $5 a month to their electric bill.

FirstEnergy said the ZEN credit is vital to their ability to keep their nuclear plants running. Though the higher bill would effect everyone, Stahl said the loss of the nuclear plant would be devastating to the county.

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