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Browns Ferry Unit 3 Begins Scheduled Refueling And Maintenance Outage

After generating more than 18 billion kilowatt hours of carbon-free energy over a 689-day operational run that included 653 days of continuous operation, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit 3 started a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage early Saturday morning.

Along with traditional outage work, such as loading 344 new fuel assemblies, a final round of modifications will be installed that will prepare Unit 3 to become the first of the three BFN units to operate at the Extended Power Uprate approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“Outages are always important because it’s our opportunity to do the work necessary to safely and reliably generate electricity for the next two years,” said Lang Hughes, Browns Ferry site vice president. “There is added importance to this and our next two outages because we will complete the remaining work needed to operate each unit at EPU conditions to serve the energy needs of the Tennessee Valley.”

“Extensive testing will follow completion of this work to ensure Unit 3 operates as expected at the higher EPU power rating, which will result in an additional 155 megawatts of electricity. EPU modifications will be made on Unit 1 this fall and Unit 2 in spring 2019,” officials said….

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