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Renewable Energy Groups Sue Over Montana’s Solar Power Regulations

Environmental groups and renewable energy companies are suing Montana regulators in an attempt to strike down new rules that limit how they can sell solar energy.

Renewable energy advocates say a recent order from the Public Service Commission violates state and federal law and unfairly targets their industry, a notion that state regulators reject.

The PSC’s late November order revises how much small solar developers can charge for the power they generate, and the length of contracts at that price.

The Montana Environmental Information Center’s Brian Fadie says the regulators’ actions put a burden on solar startups by slashing their rates from 66 dollars per megawatt hour to about $31 per megawatt hour.

“It makes it extremely difficult for solar developers to actually build these projects,” he says.

Fadie says if the PSC order is allowed to stand it will result in Montana losing economic investments, jobs, and affordable clean energy.

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