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Massachusetts awards $20M to storage projects

The list of projects tapped by ESI’s Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACES) program is diverse, from casinos to hospitals, and WalMarts to residences, highlighting the broad range of use cases batteries can serve.

Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Judith Judson in a statement called energy storage “a strategic opportunity” for the state.

“The projects receiving funding through the ACES program will provide a roadmap for how Massachusetts can integrate storage into our diversified energy portfolio to lower overall energy costs, increase grid efficiency by decreasing peak demand, and more effectively utilize our strong clean energy sector,” Judson said.

Technologies selected include batteries, flywheels, thermal storage, and pumped hydroelectric storage. Descriptions of the 26 projects to receive funding can be found here.

Borrego Solar Systems is developing a 1.5 MW/3 MWh lithium ion project at a golf ball manufacturing plant in southeastern Massachusetts that aims to “demonstrate multiple value streams.” Tesla is working on a 1,044 kW/4,200 kWh lithium ion system at the Wynn Boston Harbor resort, which is currently under construction. By siting the storage at a new development, as opposed to retrofiting, the project may serve as a model for other property developers planning large-footprint developments in the state.

Tesla’s SolarCity will install the company’s Powerwall batteries at 500 residences on Nantucket, which will be dispatched by the utility and may help delay constructing a new, third undersea cable to bring power to the island.

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