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PGE proposes hybrid plant at Port Westward

Portland General Electric’s generating plant at Port Westward will play a part in an innovative new energy storage project PGE plans for the area. The proposal calls for PGE to spend between $50 million and $100 million to deploy a wide array of energy storage projects that will help integrate renewables on the grid, the utility said.

“Energy storage is an important part of our clean energy future at PGE,” PGE’s vice president of customer strategies and business development said.

One of the projects, the creation of a hybrid generating plant at Port Westward II, calls for the utility to install four to six megawatts of energy storage. When coupled with one of the plant’s quick starting reciprocating engine generators, the storage provides instant reserves and allows PGE to operate other generators at full capacity, reducing fuel use and emissions.

In a 228-page document PGE filed with the Oregon Public Utility Commission on Nov. 1, the utility said the plan was a foundation for its energy storage investments, moving forward.

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