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Regulators probe Duke about Lee nuclear plans in wake of Westinghouse bankruptcy

Regulators in North Carolina are keeping a close eye on Duke’s nuclear project in the Palmetto State, wary that financial woes at Westinghouse could spread to the utility.

NCUC has asked Duke to provide information on several topics, including: its assessment of the Toshiba bankruptcy situation; possible resolutions and likely timelines; technology options beyond the AP1000 reactor; whether the project is coningent on that reactor type; and the potential for any delays.

Regulators are also asking for a description of any contracts that Duke may have entered with Toshiba or Toshiba’s affiliates to support the design and construction of the Lee Nuclear Station, “including any termination clauses.”

A copy of the commission’s May 15 request to Duke can be found here.

Westinghouse’s development the Vogtle and V.C. Summer plants are largely to blame for the company’s financial issues. Both plants are years behind schedule and billions over budget.

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