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And then there was one: Energy watchdog loses another commissioner

The federal government’s top energy watchdog will be losing another member in June.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member Colette Honorable, a Democrat appointed by former President Barack Obama, announced Friday that she will step down in June after her term expires. That will leave acting chairwoman Cheryl LaFleur as the only remaining commissioner.

The commission has been languishing for months without the full complement of members required to do its job of overseeing the nation’s electric grid and natural gas infrastructure.

The news comes amid growing uncertainty among natural gas industry groups and others over President Trump’s lack of action in appointing new commissioners. For months, industry groups have been pleading with Trump to fill the commission, as the agency is required to approve new natural gas pipelines and other infrastructure.

At least three commissioners are required to make decisions and address disputes among industry at the commission. Senior staff have been placed in charge of the day-to-day operation under an emergency order until Trump appoints new members and Congress confirms them.

Honorable said she made the decision after a lengthy bout of soul searching.

“After much prayer and consideration I’ve decided not to pursue another term at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,” she said. “I am especially grateful to President Obama for appointing me to this post.”
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