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ERCOT sets record wind output Friday

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas set a wind-output record of 16,141 MW Friday night, it reported on Saturday in its daily wind integration report.

ERCOT said the record was set at 8:56 pm CDT Friday and wind accounted for about 39.5% of the total power demand at that time.

In the real-time market, for the 15 minutes interval ended 9 pm Friday, the price for ERCOT West Hub was about $5.50/MWh, while prices for all other hubs averaged near $13.50/MWh.

The US National Weather Service office in San Angelo, Texas, reported the local peak gust speed registered was around 42 mph while the average wind speed was around 19 mph on Friday. Meanwhile, the average wind speed has been 13 mph in March.

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