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Vasari Energy targets 500MW of solar in Texas as large-scale solar expected to double

California-based PV energy provider Vasari Energy is jumping on the new US solar hotspot Texas with plans to develop 500MW of solar by the end of the year.

To kick-off these designs, Vasari has signed contracts and letters of intent to develop a target of 235MW of utility-scale PV in Texas.

“We expect to reach our 500MW development target in Texas before the end of 2017,” confirmed Sam Lipman, CEO of Vasari Energy.

“This project will allow Vasari Energy to get closer to its objective of 700MW of solar projects under development in 2017,” Lipman added.

Vasari’s pipeline of utility-scale solar projects has surpassed 600MW to date, via markets including Arizona and Georgia, and now Texas.

“Our team is experienced in optimizing solar projects from inception and managing the project through all phases of development, including environmental, transmission, and sale of power to utilities and corporate customers. We believe this approach will resonate in Texas, where utilities and corporations are looking for pure-play solar partners that can aggressively compete with alternative forms of energy,” said Lipman.

Texas utility-scale solar expected to double

Now is as good a time as ever to target solar in Texas, with the number of large-scale solar plants in the state projected to nearly double over the next four years.

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