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A Colossal Wind Turbine Just Broke World Energy Records


Wind power has gotten a massive physical upgrade, and even Don Quixote would need to think twice before taking on this windmill from Danish company MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. Their V164 offshore wind turbine is a 220 meter (722 feet) tall sea-monster, and the latest version is now the world record holder for the most energy generated by a single turbine over a 24-hour period. According to Digital Trends, the nearly 216,000 kWh generated is enough electricity “to power the average American household for roughly 20 years.”

The blades on the 9 MW turbine weigh in at over 34 metric tons (38 tons) and measure an impressive 80 meters (263 feet) in length. To put this in perspective, at 21,124 square meters (227,377 square feet), the turbine’s sweep area (the complete area of its blades in motion) is larger than the UK’s famous London Eye Ferris wheel. The V164 is built to have a 25-year lifespan and is 80 percent recyclable, which only adds to its efficiency.


Renewable energy is rapidly becoming more economically viable than even already-established forms of fossil fuel power generation…..