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The Current State of the Solar Energy Industry

Over the recent decade, long-term investors have grown interested in solar energy stocks, as the alternative energy segment is projected to become the world’s largest source of energy by 2050.

As the global economy shifts away from fossil fuels and other polluting energy, solar has taken the lead ahead of a surge of new alternative industries such wind and hydrogen systems. While many may bundle solar companies under one umbrella, the solar segment itself is comprised of companies of different sizes, offering a large variety of products and services.

Different Kinds of Solar
Two competitive solar technologies on the market include photovoltaic (PV or light) and thermal (heat) solar power. In terms of pricing, some firms offer higher quality more-efficient rigid solar panels while others specialize in cheaper, less-efficient thin-film collectors. While some firms sell solar through distributed channels, other use centralized outlets such as large solar farms or fields for utility. Other firms on the supply chain come into play as well, such as the manufacturers of the batteries that store solar energy when the sun is down.

A Cheap Long-Term Pick?

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