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NYISO: New ISO-NE capacity rules could spike New York power prices

Federal officials denied New York’s request to delay tariff change implementation, saying the flaw lies in New York’s rules and not the regional ISO.

In its decision, federal regulators said they recognized the New York ISO’s concerns “about a potential flaw in its market rules,” but it approved the new tariff anyway.

New York ISO Market Monitor David Patton previously told the commission that when the New York capacity resource is available and New England calls for it, the ISO will input the export in its real-time dispatch model, which will increase its aggregate dispatch. But “the increase in output will actually be produced from NYISO’s marginal generating resources (not necessarily from the capacity resource itself),” Patton said in an affidavit to FERC.

While the actual price implication would depend on market conditions, New York said its $341 million impact is based on a hypothetical export of 500 MW from the gas-fired plant……

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