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Dispersive Technologies To Reveal SCADA Transmission Improvements At California ISO Symposium

Dispersive Technologies will unveil significant advances in SCADA data transmission at the California ISO Stakeholder Symposium September 7-8 in Sacramento.

The company will demonstrate its Dispersive™ Critical Infrastructure Software-Defined Network at the annual gathering, one of the world’s foremost energy policy forums.

The California ISO uses Dispersive™ CISDN to secure direct telemetry throughout its service area. The ISO plans to test the platform’s use for other SCADA streams, including metering, ICCP and phasor data.

“Most methods of transporting SCADA data rely on technology that’s at least 20 years old,” explains Dispersive Technologies CEO Robert W. Twitchell. “These methods don’t scale easily, are difficult to manage and are expensive. They no longer can meet the demands of a power industry that continues to regionalize to accommodate users and distributed renewable generation facilities.”

The Dispersive™ CISDN delivers secure, reliable and resilient telemetry, metering, ICCP and phasing over the Internet. Generating units and load participants can now securely connect to the grid in weeks, not months, using any single or combination of cost-effective public Internet connections.

The network’s ability to split data into independent packet streams and transmit them down multiple paths provides numerous advantages over current SCADA networks. These include session layer packet dispersion, dynamic encryption, network segmentation by participant and device, off-network and two-factor authentication, and routing around denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Twitchell adds that Dispersive™ CISDN also eliminates a time-consuming headache for electric companies.

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