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27,000 New Jobs By 2021 Due To Solar & Energy Storage

The Solar Foundation recently released a paper at Intersolar North America about how the growth of energy storage could impact solar jobs in the United States. One figure within the paper which particularly jumps out is the estimate that by 2021, there could be 27,000 jobs related to solar and energy storage. This number includes 9,000 energy storage jobs linked with solar, and about 18,000 solar jobs which would not be available without the presence of energy storage.

“Storage technologies are making solar energy even more reliable, while increasing its appeal among consumers. Our preliminary research has found that storage will also have a significant economic impact, creating tens of thousands of new, high-quality solar jobs within the next five years,” explained the Solar Foundation’s Executive Director, Andrea Luecke.

The paper estimates the largest number of solar and storage positions by 2021 would be in residential installations, with 8,305 linked to storage and 16,609 storage-induced PV jobs. The estimate for non-residential positions is 600 for storage and 1,200 for storage-induced PV. The least number of jobs, according to the paper, would be for utility-scale with 122 for storage installation and 245 storage-induced PV jobs. Another striking estimate is that “Assuming expected strong growth in time-of-use rates and virtual power plants, solar + storage might represent nearly 40% of energy storage MWs deployed in 2021.”

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