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Eye on Energy: Wind Farm Maintenance

North Dakota is home to ten operating wind farms — with an eleventh scheduled to be built sometime this year.

In today’s Eye on Energy, Tim Olson reports that one of those wind farms is taking a quick break from generating power.

(Tim Olson, KX News) You only have to take a step outside most days to realize it: wind is a top commodity in North Dakota — and there almost always seems to be a surplus.

North Dakota ranks 11th among wind energy-producing states in the country, according to the American Wind Energy Association. In 2014, just over 17% of the state’s electricity was generated by wind.

So as you drive south of Minot on Highway 83, you’re used to seeing this.

But for the next week, you’ll be seeing THIS instead. (Kevin Tschosik, Basin Electric Energy Cooperative) “It’s a necessity.”

(Tim Olson, KX News) The Prairie Winds Wind Farm has been shut down for a check-up. Basin Electric is making sure it’s operating smoothly and safely — from the top of the turbine to the energy grid.

(Kevin Tschosik, Basin Electric Energy Cooperative) “The idea is that we do all this maintenance and testing so that we have no question about reliability for the next six years.”

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