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ISO-NE seeks delay of demand response integration over FERC Order 745 legal worries

A decision by the Supreme Court is not expected until next year and so the grid operator in New England, along with the New England Power Pool Participants Committee, have asked to delay “full implementation” of demand response into the region’s wholesale markets.

By “full implementation,” the grid operator said it means that demand response could fully participate in the day-ahead and real-time energy markets and would provide operating reserve and participate in the forward reserve market.

In addition to shoring up concerns about the timing of demand response in energy markets, the organizations responsible for ensuring reliability in the Northeast U.S. proposed another pair of changes

Changes to demand response baseline – the expected energy consumption of a demand response
asset – would be used to estimate the demand reduction achieved by the asset when it is dispatched to reduce consumption. And the groups want to modify auditing rules for real-time emergency generation resources and demand response, which assess the resource’s capability to meet obligations.

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