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NV Energy: Rooftop solar cap will be hit Saturday

As of Saturday, new consumers will be prevented from linking their rooftop solar panels into Nevada’s power grid to receive credit for energy produced, according to NV Energy.

As the limit is on pace to be hit months before initial estimates, on Friday, the Public Utilities Commission will vet an array of proposals that would impose new costs on rooftop solar customers but would keep the solar industry alive. A vote is expected as early as Wednesday, opening the potential of a multiday gap that could hurt the solar industry.

The meetings follow months of uncertainty about when the solar industry would hit the state-imposed cap that limits the number of customers who are allowed to receive credits for solar power under a policy known as net metering.

Over the next several days, the commission will either be forced to adopt a temporary framework for continuing the net metering program or risk what many in the solar industry describe as a catastrophe in the burgeoning market for alternative energy.

Today’s meeting begins the fourth quarter in a battle that is likely continue until the end of the year. Here’s what you need to know.

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