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Indiana “will not comply” with new EPA CO2 emission rules

Are you fed up with high electric bills? Get used to it. They are about to “necessarily skyrocket” as Barack Obama said if the EPA’s new CO2 emission standards are implemented. And if those standards were fully implemented it would have only a tiny, tiny (unmeasurable) impact on global temperatures. So Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence said last week “Indiana will not comply.” Governor McCrory are you paying attention?

Here’s the story from CNSNews.com
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said that “Indiana will not comply” with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed regulations that would for the first time limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from existing power plants.

The draft regulations, known as the Clean Power Plan, “must be strenuously opposed,” Pence said, characterizing them as “a very serious threat” to the economic well-being of residents and businesses in Indiana, who rely on coal-burning power plants for 84 percent of their electricity.

Pence is one of a handful of Republican governors who are refusing to go along with the Clean Power Plan, one of the centerpieces of President Obama’s climate change agenda.

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